29 September 2016

In Perth

I am in Perth visiting my parents for a few days. I bought a quilt to hand sew the binding so will post a photo soon. I have to show this book I sent my parents. My dad has been called grumpy since the first grand child was born 29 years ago. We all buy presents for him that reference grumpy but this time I bought a book for my mum. I couldn't resist it.

17 August 2016

So we bought a house!

Things were busier than usual here with work and then we bought a new house. Same suburb so not a big move distance wise but lots to do on the old house as well as moving to new house. Very exciting. I am hoping to get a little sewing done occasionally.

I have finished a disappearing patch top with a zen chic flow charm pack. Hope to get it quilted soon.

27 July 2016

zen chic batik

I am trying to finish some WIPs even though I don't have a plan for them. In this quilt I used the Play a Card pattern by Zen Chic. I made it a little smaller. The background is silver which does not show in the photo. I need to get a better picture showing the colours.

19 July 2016

Repeat quiltalong

I actually made a quilt, although a very mini one, from  one of the quilt a longs I wanted to do. I still have to hand sew the binding but I wanted to take a photo outside while I could. This is the small option of the repeat quilt a long at elm street quilts. I finally used some batiks for a project. I still love batiks but don't seem to use them much at the moment. This is such a cute quilt and very easy. Hopefully I will get a chance to make the larger version.

14 July 2016

Sydney Quilt Show

I had a fantastic time at the quilt show in Sydney. It has been a while but I thought I would still post about it. I don't live near a quilt shop so I tend to buy a few things. These are my big buys. I didn't realise until I looked at my stash that my big buys were Australian.

The first is a bundle of old Saffron Craig fabric that I didn't buy a while ago and regretted it. I am so lucky to have found this.

 The next is a bundle called Melba by Emma Jean Jansen . My husband loves magpies and we both love Melbourne so this is perfect.

Lastly a restock of Australian fabric as I love to have these ready to use for any project.

03 July 2016


There are so many quilt a longs I want to do at the moment. Unfortunately it is not summer here and I am the busiest I have ever been at work and we are trying to do things at home so quilting time will be limited. I am going to try and do the mini versions of at least two starting with Elm Street Quilts repeat the quilt a long.

Elm Street Quilts

The other one is The summer solstice quilt a long at Happy Quilting. I am aiming to make the single block mini.

02 July 2016


I love purple and couldn't resist this gorgeous mini by Jess at Quilty habit. The pattern is Deconstructed Churn Dash and is found in the free Modern by the yard magazine. I love Churn Dash blocks. I used shot cotton from Spotlight and it is awesome. The photo does not do the fabric justice.

I cant read patterns correctly and cut extra strips so I made a little place mat or big mug rug.